Charity raised almost £25,000 for children

Margaret Griffin, Michelle Tomkins, Emma Knighton and Rayne Browne from Chelsea's Angels
Margaret Griffin, Michelle Tomkins, Emma Knighton and Rayne Browne from Chelsea's Angels

A charity which raised thousands of pounds and supported 75 children with a rare form of cancer last year is appealing for new volunteers and a patron.

Irthlingborough and Wellingborough-based charity Chelsea’s Angels raises money for families whose children have been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and other cancers classed as rare.

The charity was formed following the death of Chelsea Knighton, of Irthlingborough, in 2009 from acute neuroblastoma.

Her mum Emma Knighton, and cousin Michelle Tomkins started the charity in accordance with Chelsea’s last wish.

She wanted her family to continue supporting other youngsters with the condition. Over the past year they have raised £24,993, which they have used to help 75 children.

Mrs Tomkins said: “We supported them with financial grants for bills, or things like washing machines and cookers. We also paid for gifts and treats, including garden equipment which is ideal for children who can’t mix with other children for fear of infections when their immune system is low.

“We bought laptops, iPods and iPads for children that were in hospital for long periods of time, in order that they could keep in contact with friends and family. We also paid for electric beds to ease pain after operations and keep the child who has long periods in bed comfortable.

“We provided funds for a holiday; to create memories for children for who sadly no more treatments can be offered. And we also donated funds to families raising funds for treatments abroad when the UK can offer no more treatments.”

Mrs Tomkins said the charity wanted to thank all those who had helped by raising money and making donations.

She also said they are appealing for volunteers to help with their future fundraising effort and a new patron to promote their work.

For details visit, or the charity’s Facebook or Twitter page.