Changes to bus timetables in Kettering, Corby and Rushden

BUS links are set to improve across the north of the county.

Stagecoach has announced changes to its services to Corby Business Academy, RS Components and Priors Hall along with new links from Stephenson Way and Occupation Road to Kettering General Hospital

There will also now be a direct bus to Kettering General Hospital from Barton Seagrave, Burton Latimer and Rushden.

The changes which start on Sunday will see route X1, which runs from Burton Latimer to Corby via Kettering, extended every half hour beyond Corby George Street to Stephenson Way, Asda, Steel Road, RS Components and Corby Business Academy, replacing route two and five.

Buses have also been specifically timed to arrive and depart RS Components and Corby Business Academy to meet work and school start and finishing times, providing people with the most convenient journey possible.

The daytime route one will also be partially replaced with an hourly extension of the luxury Stagecoach gold route X4, providing passengers with a relaxing ride on state-of-the-art buses which feature high back leather seats, environmentally friendly engines and free Wi-Fi. The change also provides a direct link from Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering to Corby rail station, Asda and to RS Components. Route two will continue to run in the early morning and afternoon and route 2A will be unaffected.

There are also some minor timetable changes to route three, four, X1 and X4 to help maintain a reliable service for passengers and route two around Exeter Estate in Corby will be reduced to hourly.

Route 17 from Kettering to Lake Avenue via Kettering General Hospital and the leisure centre will be replaced by an extension of routes 49 and 50.

The changes will see a new extension from Barton Seagrave, Burton Latimer and Rushden to the Hospital allowing people to travel direct without needing to change buses.

Stagecoach also announced minor changes to timetables on local Kettering routes B from Stamford Road, C from Ise Lodge and D from Brambleside, with some late, little used, evening journeys withdrawn.

Route C will also depart from Kettering Newland Street rather than Eskdaill Street.

There will also be some minor changes to route X4, 18 and 19 with the 19 route through Desborough revised on Sundays to match the route running Monday to Saturday.

Steve Burd, Managing Director of Stagecoach said “We have sought to improve networks by providing better services to RS Components and Kettering General Hospital, which meet the needs of people working at these sites and living in the local community and surrounding areas.

“We have been talking with Kettering General Hospital about how we can help tackle the parking problem around the area and provide more services directly to the hospital to help both staff and patients access the site.

“It is clear that this more direct service to the hospital is a step in the right direction, and will provide people living in south Kettering and Rushden with improved access and an opportunity to avoid increasing motoring costs and hospital parking charges.”

For copies of the timetables ask a driver or visit: