Changes for bus users as well as drivers during Irchester bridge closure

The Station Road bridge
The Station Road bridge

A bus company says it has had to re-evaluate several of its services due to a bridge closure.

As part of work to update the Midland mainline, Network Rail has closed the Station Road bridge in Irchester.

It needs to be raised to allow for the safe clearance of overhead lines, and was due to close to traffic from yesterday (Monday) and remain closed until mid-November.

However, one passenger who lives in Irchester and catches the number 14 to get to work in Rushden contacted the Northants Telegraph because they are unhappy with the alternative service being offered by Stagecoach.

They say they have been trying to find out whether Stagecoach would be providing a diversion or replacement service since January, and added: “Two weeks ago, as there were no service updates on the Stagecoach website, I telephoned them, only to be told that Stagecoach would not be diverting the route.

“They would only be providing a shuttle service from Irchester to Wellingborough, from which I would then have to catch a second bus to get into Rushden.”

The passenger says their 10-minute direct journey to Rushden which cost £2 will now include a change at Wellingborough, take longer and could be more expensive.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “Network Rail have closed the bridge for eight months and it’s caused us to have to re-evaluate a whole lot of services for eight months.

“With the number 14, we have had to curtail it on the Irchester side of the bridge so people from Irchester have to go to Wellingborough.”

The spokesman added that people on the Knuston side of the bridge can take a short walk to Grangeway to get a bus from there to get into Rushden.

Routes which will be affected by the bridge closure over the coming months are numbers 14, 49 and X46/X47.

And while the bus company has had to change its timetables, the spokesman added: “Network Rail told us they are closing the bridge and we have to adjust accordingly.

“I think the provision is quite good, we have done quite well with the resources we have available.”

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