Chance to sign up for walk events

AN inspirational man is encouraging people to sign up to a major fundraising weekend.

The Waendel Weekend in Wellingborough will see thousands of competitors raising cash for their favourite charities.

More than 6,500 people take part in walks and cycle rides which range from 5km up to 42km from May 11 to May 13.

One man taking part is Nigel Holland, from Wellingborough, who turns 50 this year.

He has Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease, a condition that causes the muscles in the arms and legs to waste away and means he can no longer walk.

He set himself the challenge of completing 50 activities over the course of his landmark year. He will be raising money for CMT UK, which promotes research and supports people with the condition.

Mr Holland said: “I want to raise awareness and raise money for charity, but the primary reason for my 50 challenges is to show my daughter, who also has CMT, that whatever problems you have there is a way to overcome them. You may need aids or need to adapt the way you do things, but you should grab opportunities with both hands.

“Some of the activities are extreme, such as an indoor skydive or power boating, and I chose them to show that within your limitations anything is possible.

“Others, like completing a 1,000-piece jigsaw or learning how to make a crème brulee, are personal challenges for me, either because I have limited dexterity in my hands or because I want to experience something different.

“I chose the Waendel Walk as one of the challenges because I live in Wellingborough and I’ve not done it before. I’m going to do the Friendship Walk on the Friday evening and I hope to raise lots of money towards my challenges target of £5,000. I get frustrated when I hear people say ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’ – my advice is just get up and do it, you don’t know if you can or can’t until you try.”

Waendel participants can contact their chosen charity for sponsorship forms and then ask people to pledge money. For more information about taking part people can call Wellingborough Council on 01933 229777 or visit the website at