Chance to curry favour with chef

YOUNG people will have a chance to spice up their cooking skills at a curry boot camp.

The Bombay Dynasty restaurant in George Street is offering them the chance to learn the art of making a good curry.

The boot camp will be open to 11 to 14-year-olds as part of a celebration of the restaurant’s 25th anniversary next month.

The young people will be given expert training by the restaurant’s owner Mohammed Rahman, before serving their dish to specially invited guests.

Diners will be invited to the celebration for a free meal but donations will be accepted in aid of charity.

Mr Rahman, who is also deputy mayor in Corby, said: “The boot camp is our way of promoting culture in the community.

“A curry is a relatively simple dish to prepare.

The clever bit is using the spices creatively to produce a really special taste.

“The boot camp will cover kitchen techniques and also front of house skills.

“I look forward to working with the young people of Corby and showing them some of the tricks of our trade.”

The boot camp will run during after school hours from May 8 to May 15 but places are limited.

Young people taking part will also learn how to wait on their guests and to take them to their seats.

Mary Butcher, Mr Rahman’s colleague on Corby Council, will be using her catering experience to help out with the boot camp.

She said: “When I spoke to Mohammed he said a big difficulty across the country is getting young people to take over the mantle to learn to cook in their style.

“Years ago someone in the family would take over but that’s not becoming the case these days as young people want to do different things.

“This is opening it up so young people can see how many different cultures there are in our community and in particular see how Corby is changing and what opportunities there are.”

Application forms are available from the Bombay Dynasty in George Street, or young people can apply on Facebook by searching for “Bombay Dynasty Corby”.

The closing date for entries is on Friday.