Chalky Jr discovered at Brookfield Plantation in Corby

Chalky Jr sighted at Brookfield Plantation. Chalky can be seen just in shot on the left. Picture by Olwen Turns
Chalky Jr sighted at Brookfield Plantation. Chalky can be seen just in shot on the left. Picture by Olwen Turns
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Another white deer has been sighted in an under-threat nature area.

Chalky the white stag has become the poster boy for the campaign to save Brookfield Plantation in Corby.

And now photos have been taken of him accompanied a white buck who has been named Chalky Jnr by campaigners.

Local people say there have been white deer in the area for many years.

A planning application is currently before Corby Council to create what the developers, Gretton Brook Estate, say will be a highly sustainable business park on the site and could result in more than £100m of investment and create 800 jobs during construction and about 3,000 once it is operational.

The council had been due to make a decision on the plans in August but this was delayed when a revised package of information was submitted by the developers.

Lee Forster and Corinna Milligan from Corby were joined recently by local businesswoman Olwen Turns on one of their guided walks through Brookfield.

Olwen told them she’d taken pictures of Chalky and also Chalky Jnr while out walking dogs – the first time, it is believed, that photos of a junior version of Chalky have been taken.

It’s very difficult to take pictures of the deer – they are by nature quite shy creatures – but the photos Olwen has taken clearly show the handsome Chalky with members of his herd and another younger white buck.

Lee, who took the photos of Chalky originally and named him, said: “Without DNA testing we cannot of course prove Chalky Jnr is ‘son’ of Chalky, but even if he isn’t his biological son, he’s a member of his herd and will continue in the long tradition of white stags which roam through Brookfield Plantation.”

Brookfield is a designated local wildlife site and is one of the last remaining woodlands in Corby.

Those campaigning to preserve the site say only five per cent of Northamptonshire is woodland, and overall the UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe.

There have been more than 500 public objections to the plans on Corby Council’s planning website.

It has not yet been decided when the decision meeting will be held.