Cerys needs to see her daddy

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Upon reading the article within your newspaper, I was brought to tears about the horrendous position any parent must be in to see their beautiful child having to fight and show such bravery in this adverse and evil situation.

Although I firmly believe that those choosing to break the law should face the consequences, with such a small amount of time remaining on Cerys’ dad’s sentence, if unable to be released early (Although unsure why – we see murderers and rapists released years early!), then I believe he should be allowed to visit Cerys in the one time of her life that she most needs her daddy, with a guard, or the 21 days be suspended and the completion of the sentence to be carried out as community service.

Cerys has shown such bravery until now, and surely her one wish of seeing daddy should be allowed.

But, let’s remember, if this operation is successful, Cerys will have a long, hard road to recovery to travel, and will need all of the support she can get from her family.

As a developed nation, how so little compassion can be shown towards a little girl is beyond me, regardless of the sins of her father.

name withheld,

student teacher, mother of five, Highfield Road,