Celebrity chef to open new restaurant in Northamptonshire

Celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli and entrepreneur Dean Dunham have joined forces to create an exciting new modern dining experience in Northampton.

And the whole thing will be filmed for a fly-on-the-wall documentary entitled A Mad Frog and an Englishman.

The result Dunham Novelli Urban Bar Kitchen will be a cross between a relaxed restaurant, funky bar and cocktail/champagne lounge.

Their first venue opens its doors in Northampton on Friday 27th February and will be attended by a host of celebrity friends and fans.

Said Novelli: "I am delighted with our new bar/restaurant concept. It caters for a much wider audience than my previous ventures and I am sure will be very successful."

Added Dunham; "Whether you want a business lunch, an intimate and romantic meal with your partner or a good night out in a vibe atmosphere, Dunham Novelli Urban Bar Kitchen will be the hottest restaurant bar in town "

People's tastes are changing and Dunham Novelli Urban Bar Kitchen reflects their need for an innovative concept in relaxed dining.

Following the launch of their Northampton Bridge Street venue, Novelli and Dunham's next step will be rolling the concept out on busy high streets across the UK".

TV stars Novelli and Dunham have an extraordinary passion for what they do. Novelli is regarded as the nation's favorite French chef and Dunham is one of UK's most successful young entrepreneurs.

A camera crew will be following Dunham and Novelli for the next 8 months, capturing the creation of Dunham Novelli in a 'fly on the wall' style documentary. The show, to be called A Mad Frog and an Englishman" will be aired on prime-time television later this year.