Celebrations as Scouts hold their 50th fireworks display in Rushden

The presentation on Saturday
The presentation on Saturday

The people who first started Rushden’s annual fireworks event have been honoured on the day of the 50th display.

Saturday’s fireworks at Hall Park in Rushden were the 50th display run by the Scouts.

In honour of the 50th display

In honour of the 50th display

In honour of the anniversary, 10 of the original adult Cub team who came up with the idea to put on some fireworks in 1968 were invited along for afternoon tea at the district headquarters before a short presentation.

They then went along to join the crowds of people who turned out to see the sky above Rushden lit up with fireworks that night.

Each of the Cub leaders were thanked for their contribution during the presentation, which said: “On behalf of Nene Valley Scout District, I would like to thank every one of you here today.

“Without your idea as a small team of Cub leaders, we wouldn’t have this wonderful annual display and event for the local community.

“Thousands of pounds have been raised over the years to ensure Scouting in the district thrives.”

The district Cub section held its first bonfire with fireworks in the paddock of St Mary’s rectory in 1968.

Fireworks costing £33 were bought from Standard Fireworks through Jim Osborne.

Their second year in 1969 saw a move to The Paddock in Hall Park.

From 1968 to 1987, the event was organised by the Cub section.

And from 1988 onwards, the displays have been run by the whole district, firstly as Rushden District and then Nene Valley District following its change of name.