Celebration to honour Mamie Hooper

Mamie Hooper
Mamie Hooper

A celebration is being held for the woman who helped set thousands of walkers on their way at an annual fundraiser.

Mamie Hooper was born in Kettering in 1924 and spent much of her life in Barton Seagrave.

Her daughter Glennis Hooper founded the Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal and was proud to have Mamie cut the ribbon at the annual walk at Wicksteed Park.

Mamie, who went to school in Hawthorn Road and Kettering High School, died last week at the age of 89.

She met her husband who was serving as a wireless operator in the RAF at a dance at Wicksteed Park and they went on to buy an old bus for a mobile grocery service in the Centre Parade area of town.

They had four children and moved to Barton Seagrave, where they had a fruit and vegetable shop in Belvoir Drive before opening more shops in Wellingborough and trading at Kettering and Wellingborough markets.

Daughter Glennis said: “As the youngest of her four children, I was privileged to have a lot of one-to-one time with her, especially working with her in their shops.

“When I was teaching, she would often come into school to help, and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wanted to have the disease for me, she was my confidante and my rock.

“When the crazy idea of raising money for local breast cancer care was born, mum entered into the whole concept of what we wanted to do and was thrilled and proud when we asked her to cut the ribbon at the start of each of our annual walks.”

She added: “If you knew mum or if mum started you off at any of our walks, why not come along to celebrate her life and give her the send-off she so richly deserves.”

The celebration of life is at Kettering Parish Church at 3pm on Tuesday, December 17.