CCTV: Victim fights back against thugs

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This is the moment a man stood up to a gang of armed intruders who had broken into his home.

The man and his wife had just got home from separate social events in the run-up to Christmas almost four years ago.

CCTV footage of robbery in Regent Street, Kettering.

CCTV footage of robbery in Regent Street, Kettering.

But they arrived back at their home in Regent Street, Kettering, to discover the front door had been forced and three men were inside hunting for valuables.

In the incident, the man managed to chase the gang out of his house – but not before his head was cut open by a metal bar wielded by one of the attackers.

He was also able to grab the mask from the face of one of the men, which finally had a positive match three years after the burglary.

It meant a second gang member, David Jarvie, was brought to justice for the burglary, along with an accomplice from the incident.

David Jarvie

David Jarvie

The 59-year-old great-grandfather, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I thought they got one and that would be it.

“When I heard they had a 100 per cent match on a DNA [for a second intruder] I was elated because I had written it off.

“We knew full well that the fella in prison knew who his colleagues were and was supposed to have reported it but nothing had happened.”

The man also said he and his wife were still affected by the incident, adding: “They came here because, I believe, they thought there were large amounts of money here. But that just proves their lack of intelligence.

“Ultimately things have worked out and I’m really pleased that they have.”

The homeowner has lived in his house in Regent Street with his wife, 58, for more than 30 years. He added: “If my wife had been here on her own [that night] I dread to think what would have happened.”

The couple, who have four grandchildren and one great-grandson, said they had felt safe at home before the incident but that that changed immediately after the break-in.

The CCTV footage shows that during the confrontation with the intruders, the man was battered with a metal bar. He had to have seven stitches as a result.

But he added: “There was no compensation for the mental injuries that we both still suffer three-and-a-half years later. It stressed us.”

The couple decided to install a shutter for their front door. But they say it is well worth it, with the husband adding: “It was like a magic pill. We would put the shutter down and we would be able to get to sleep.”

Burglar: Victim was brave to attack me

The burglar who attacked a homeowner with a metal pole has praised the victim’s bravery for fighting back.

David Jarvie, who attacked his victim with a metal pole when he was disturbed during a break-in, was caught out more than three years later when his DNA was taken after another arrest.

Jarvie, 53, appeared at Northampton Crown Court last Thursday and was sentence to five years and six months behind bars for the aggravated burglary and assault.

Barrister William Falshaw, who represented Jarvie in court, said: “He knows it must have been terrifying for the victims and he says himself that the victim was a very brave man to stand up to a whole group of men, some of whom were armed.”

The court had earlier heard how Jarvie was part of a gang which broke into a home in Regent Street, Kettering, in December 2010.

Guy Bowden, prosecuting, said: “The homeowner and his wife returned home at about 12.40am after an evening out.

“As they approached their front door they found it open and they were confronted by two men, one of whom was armed with a black metal pole.

“The victim was struck several times over the head with the pole and his wife was pushed away, she made good her escape and went to get help.

“The victim continued to try to repel the attack and in the course of that he grabbed a balaclava-like mask off one of the men.”

The gang left the scene leaving the injured homeowner behind and stealing his briefcase, which contained about £400 worth of possessions. One of the gang was later identified on CCTV and was given a four-year, six-month sentence.

Mr Bowden said the balaclava was kept as evidence and more than three years later a DNA match emerged when Jarvie was arrested for an affray. Jarvie was arrested and owned up to the break-in in an interview.

He told officers he had been forced to take part in the crime by his drug dealer, to whom he owed £900.

Defence barrister William Falshaw said the drug dealer had broken Jarvie’s arm after the botched break-in in lieu of his debt.

He added: “He has not heard from him since. My client has had recurring nightmares about this crime since.”

Sentencing Jarvie, Recorder Stuart Sprawson said: “Your explanation today maintains that you came under pressure to do your drug supplier a favour and that you were a lookout.

“However, you were inside the property and violence was used by you.

“The victim and his wife were both present.

“I am sure they were not only terrified but also horrified by what happened.”

Jarvie was also given a six- month sentence for the aggravated burglary and a one-year concurrent sentence for actual bodily harm.

He had pleaded guilty to both charges at an earlier hearing.