CCTV examined after bin fire in school grounds

Fire officials are investigating CCTV images after a wheelie bin fire was started by arsonists at a school.

Five wheelie bins of paper and cardboard were gathered and set alight in the grounds of Sir Christopher Hatton School, Wellingborough,

Heat from the fire was so intense it radiated to a nearby shipping container, damaging roof tiles and other items stored there. A fence panel was also destroyed in the fire as well as the bins and the waste waiting to be recycled in them.

The fire service said the fire was started deliberately at about 3.50am on Thursday, May 31.

Inititives aimed at preventing wheelie bin fires in Wellingborough have been run by the Arson Taskforce following the death of Callum Bland five years ago.

The three-year-old died after a wheelie bin fire was started outside his home in Fulmar Lane.

Arson Taskforce fire officer Mick Rodden said his team was currently working to tackle lower level violence.

He said: “Our aim is to urge people to think about their actions before they raise their hands. This relates to people who are playing with fire.

“The recent fire at Sir Christopher Hatton is not the trend of what’s happening in Wellingborough – that is a reduction in wheelie bin fires.

“We’ve had a 30 per cent reduction in fires involving wheelie bins since 2010-11. Although it has faltered slightly, down to 28 per cent, but in the near future we hope to announce better figures.

“We are studying CCTV video footage from the area and we would ask those who started the at Sir Christopher Hatton fire to come forward. We can do some work with them to advise them about what the possible outcome could have been.

“The school’s refuse bins were kept well away from the building and they were chained down. This is an excellent example that if a fire does happen it can be managed.”