Catalytic converters prove popular with thieves

A previous event held in Kettering about catalytic converter thefts
A previous event held in Kettering about catalytic converter thefts

Nearly 100 catalytic converters have been stolen in the county in the past three months.

In light of the thefts, motorists are being invited to take their vehicles to a free event to have their catalytic converter security marked this weekend.

The event organised by Northamptonshire Police is being held on Saturday (January 26) between 8.30am and 4pm at K2 Recovery, Telford House, Telford Way, Kettering.

Officers will be there to provide vehicle security advice and explain the benefits of marking catalytic converters.

The marking will be carried out by a mechanic from the force’s transport department.

Catalytic converters are part of the exhaust system and contain a number of rare metals which can make them valuable to thieves.

Vehicle crime lead for the force, Detective Inspector Ali Farr, said: “Vehicles with a high clearance tend to be targeted by criminals as they are easier to access from underneath.

“Typically, the catalytic converters are cut or unbolted in just minutes.

“A total of 99 catalytic converters have been reported stolen during the last three months across the county.

“22 per cent of thefts occurred in the Kettering area.

“The main types of vehicles targeted include vans, pick-up trucks and 4X4s.

“We are offering you the opportunity to protect your vehicle by using a simple marking technique.”

Each marking kit comes with a unique ‘CAT’ marking code.

Once registered, the unique code can be matched up with the vehicle registration details.

The aim is to devalue the product to thieves and handlers of stolen goods, making it more difficult to sell on.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the free marking session can call Suzie Fletcher on 101 ext 8422 or email

Spaces are limited so it is important to book a time slot.