Cash saved in recycling plan

A COUNCIL hopes to save £200,000 a year as it rolls out a new recycling scheme.

Kettering Council has announced it is changing its recycling scheme and this will mean residents will have their blue box replaced by a blue wheelie bin.

The council will reduce the amount of lorries to pick up the waste in a move it claims will make its scheme more efficient.

For residents, it will mean their new blue wheelie bin will collect the same material as their blue box, but will also collect cardboard that previously went in the grey garden waste bin.

The cost of providing the new wheelie bins will be £700,000 but the council claims this new scheme will save £200,000 per year with one fleet of lorries collecting waste and less trips to recycling facilities.

A council spokesman said: “A blue bin will hold much more and will allow the council to start taking recyclable material that we haven’t been able to before, milk cartons and all plastics.

“The new scheme reduces the opportunity for confusion as they will have less recycling to sort themselves.

“For example, they can just put all plastics in the blue bin.

“By saving about £200,000 a year, it helps keep council tax down and reduces the need for cuts in other services.”

Waste collections will still remain at twice at month, and the new plan will be rolled out in spring 2013 as it will take time to ready the new fleet.

The recycling rate in the borough stands at 47 per cent.

Eight years ago, this figure was a lowly four per cent.

Pat Panter, 69, of St John’s Road, Kettering, said: “I think its a good idea, it could make recycling easier.”

Peter Owen, 82, of Hawthorn Road, Kettering, said: “I think it’s a good idea, providing recycling gets collected regularly.”