Cash boost helps pay for makeover of hall in village near Kettering

The new roof at Rushton village hall
The new roof at Rushton village hall

People living in Rushton now have a village hall they can be proud of with the help of Mick George Ltd.

Since its purchase back in 1965 for just £900, Rushton village hall has become a thriving part of the community.

The old roof at the village hall

The old roof at the village hall

But since the original refurbishment works that transformed the premises from its former chapel use to its current glory, the hall has been slightly neglected despite the best efforts of trustees who have managed the site over the years.

However, the village hall has now had a major makeover following a grant of £116,640 from Mick George Ltd.

Kevin Abraham, chairman of Rushton village hall trustees, said: “The trustees and community are much indebted to the generosity of the Mick George Community Fund which has been the major benefactor to this project.

“The village hall is now a building which the community can be proud of and will certainly make full use of.”

The new kitchen at Rushton village hall

The new kitchen at Rushton village hall

Back in 2015, the common consensus among trustees was that the property was not fulfilling present day expectations and that it needed modernising.

They appointed an architect and the trustees were given many avenues to explore.

One of the significant improvements made is the separation of the main hall and meeting room, allowing for more people to use the facilities at the same time.

Other improvements include a new kitchen, toilets, purpose-built storage, roof structure, floor, windows, energy efficient utilities and a complete redecoration both internally and externally.

And all of this has been achieved while restoring many of the buildings’ original features within the new design, maintaining the rich 100-year heritage of the location.

Even prior to the upgrades, the village hall was a popular venue for social events, fundraising activities and other gatherings, and it is hoped that the appeal will only enhance this thanks to the new surroundings.

The 500-strong population of the village frequently host music groups, dance classes, pet clubs, quizzes and film nights at the site.

Jon Stump, finance director at Mick George Ltd, said: “Having a site within the immediate vicinity of Rushton means we are particularly familiar with the region and have built a wonderful relationship with the local community.

“We appreciate their support and wherever possible we’re always looking to give something back.

“We’re positive that the local residents will enjoy their new amenity.”