Care home plan for old pub site

A NEW 60 bedroom care home is set to be built on the site of a derelict pub.

The new building will be built on the site of the old Duke of York pub in Northampton Road, Wellingborough.

People who live in neighbouring houses appealed to Wellingborough Council’s planning committee not to approve the plans at a meeting held on Wednesday night after raising concerns over how close it would be to their properties, and the subsequent loss of light.

They also accused the committee of being preoccupied with getting rid of an eyesore that is in a prominent position on one of the main routes into town.

Northampton Road resident Andrew Pate said: “There’s not enough room on this plot to put this size of building.”

Cllr Robert Hawkes, who also spoke against the plans, said he was concerned about the loss of the pub. He added: “It’s an application for a geriatric home and it’s not the right advert for the vibrancy and ambition of the town.”

But members of the committee voted in favour of approving the plans by eight to three.

Cllr Martin Griffiths said: “It has been a long time coming. I don’t think it would lead to a loss of value to the [neighbouring] properties, I actually think it would work the other way.”

Cllr Peter Morrall said: “If this application is not allowed then it is possible that it could end up with houses on the land, possibly three-storey houses, which would be less attractive. Unfortunately the neighbours are going to have to put up with something they are not happy with.”