Car park plan for Kettering mosaic

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Kettering’s iconic mosaic could be put back on display on a town centre car park if plans are approved for a second time.

The mosaic, which used to adorn the wall of Tresham College’s former campus, is currently in storage in Kent.

Now Kettering’s civic society wants to put it on the Newlands Shopping Centre car park.

Chairman Paul Ansell says it is the second time the society is applying after its previous approval expired.

He said: “The mosaic was created by Kenneth Budd for the old grammar school buildings and it depicts the town’s coat of arms and different trades here.

“We’ve held talks about it with a lot of people and wanted it put it on the wall at Sainsbury’s but it wasn’t big enough and people could easily spray on it.

“Then we wanted to put on the wall at the conference centre at KLV [Kettering Leisure Village] but it wasn’t big enough.

“The mosaic is, in old terms, 45ft long and 15ft high.”

It is proposed that the mosaic be remounted on the car park facing Lower Street.

Mr Ansell says it will cost about £20,000, with half already raised.

He added: “Putting the mosaic on the car park will make it viewable from anywhere in the town and give it respect.

“We have tried to get lottery funding for this a couple of times without success but we are hopeful this time.

“If there are any Kettering companies that can help in any way, please get in touch via the civic society website.”

A decision could be made by November 22.