Car crash shop set for repairs

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A SHOP which was forced to close when a police car crashed into the side of it a week before Christmas is facing another closure while repairs are carried out to the damaged wall.

Co-owner Martin Hartley got to work on the morning of Saturday, December 17, to find his shop, Northants Moped and Motorcycle Centre in Oxford Street, Wellingborough, cordoned off with police tape. The store had been hit on the side which faces on to Derek Hooton Way at 10pm the night before by a police car.

The crash happened as officers were on the way to an incident and two police officers were taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries. The collision knocked filing cabinets off the wall of the shop and knocked over one bike but did not cause any other damage to stock.

The crash left Mr Hartley having to wait for structural assessments to take place before he knew if the shop could re-open to the public, right at the time when increased trade was expected.

The building was judged to be structurally sound and the shop has been back open, but it will be forced to close again this month while work is carried out to repair the damaged wall.

Mr Hartley said he wanted customers to be reassured that the firm, which only opened its doors three months ago, was still very much in business.

He said: “As soon as they come to repair all the damage we will have to shut the shop again. It’s going to force another closure, which is the last thing anyone wants in recession times, to be open and closed. It could take a week, it could take a fortnight, it depends how much they need to do with it.”

Mr Hartley said in the meantime everyone at the store was trying to get along the best they could but they were looking forward to the wall being fixed and getting back to normal.