Campaigners fight against new homes

PEOPLE in Irchester will be asked to sign a petition against plans to build 124 new homes in the village.

Campaigners decided to draw up the petition following a meeting they held at Irchester Bowls Club.

They will be going door to door asking people to sign the petition.

More than 500 letters of objection have already been sent to Wellingborough Council regarding the application submitted by Northampton-based company Barwoods seeking permission to build on land west of 123 High Street, Irchester, off Alfred Street.

The outline plans for the proposed development include 124 new homes – some for affordable rent – and a new medical centre.

Irchester Parish Council is also against the scheme, having raised 14 issues for why Wellingborough Council should not allow it to go ahead.

They cited the increased amount of traffic it would bring and a lack of primary and secondary school places to be able to cope with the increased population.

The parish council was also not in favour with building outside the village policy line on green belt land or proposals to have a new medical centre in the outskirts of the village.

Concerns were also raised about the planned location of the access road in Alfred Street.