Campaigners against rail fare rises at Corby station

Corby train station
Corby train station

A new campaign has been launched to promote Corby’s Railway Station and encourage the local community to make a stand against rail fare increases.

Campaigners will be leafleting commuters and other train station users today (Friday, October 19), from 4pm, and will ask them to fill in a postcard survey rating what they value most about the station.

They will also be asking for passengers’ views on rail fares, which are set to rise by an average of 4.2 per cent in January.

The survey is being conducted by members of the campaign group Together for Transport.

A spokesperson said: “Corby Railway Station has only been here for three years but already we’ve seen what a positive effect it has had on the town.

“Year on year, usage of the station is growing, and it’s bringing new businesses and people to Corby. But the Government’s commitment to above-inflation rail fares and station cuts across the country jeopardises this progress.

“It’s time people came together to show support for our rail services.”

The group is also campaigning against any possible plans to reduce the opening hours of the station’s ticket office.

The spokesman said: “This is something that could happen in the future and we want to make sure people are aware of the possibility now.

“Passengers value rail staff who are there ensuring safe travel for everyone, including the elderly and the disabled.”