Campaigner who made a difference in Wellingborough launches new fight for more disabled housing

A young campaigner is urging people to sign a petition calling for more houses to be built for people with disabilities.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 5:00 am
Corey Haseley successfully appealed to Northamptonshire County Council to install a dropped kerb outside The Priory in Wellingborough back in 2013

Corey Haseley has helped launch an online petition calling for an increase in the percentage of houses built for the disabled community.

About 40 people have already signed the petition, but Corey is hoping to gather as many signatures as possible to try and make a difference for him and other people in a similar position.

Corey said: “I am doing a petition to do with disabled housing as I believe there should be more disabled housing.

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“Only six per cent of houses in the whole country are fully disabled friendly, meaning you can get upstairs, downstairs and into the garden.”

Corey says the law states a disabled friendly house has access into the property and full access downstairs.

However, he wants to see the law changed so a disabled friendly house is fully accessible both downstairs and upstairs as well as the back garden.

He added: “I have had a lot of trouble in the past and you just can’t find the right kind of house for love nor money.”

Corey, who uses a wheelchair, said his current house is not disabled friendly, although his landlord did allow them to put in a wet room.

While Corey’s current campaign is to fight for more houses for disabled people, it is not the first time he has tried to make a difference in his community.

The Northants Telegraph has covered several of Corey’s campaigns in the past, including winning an eight-month battle to get the county council to install a dropped kerb outside the Priory Pub in Bourton Way, Wellingborough, in 2013.

He also launched an appeal in 2014 to raise money for a new disability scooter for disabled users visiting Brixworth Country Park.

Anyone wanting to sign the petition can click here