Campaign for better skatepark takes off

The skate park in Bassetts Park, Wellingborough.
The skate park in Bassetts Park, Wellingborough.

Young people in Wellingborough have started a campaign to replace the town’s skatepark.

Kimberley Jackson used to go to the skatepark in Bassetts Park but in the end stopped because it was in such a poor condition. Having talked to friends and other young people in the town she decided to start a campaign to raise the cash to build a new one.

Kimberley said: “I stopped going to the park because it looked so rubbish. Then I realised people wanted a new one so using my connections from working as a volunteer for the county council and what I know, I got hold of other people to see about putting bids in for the money to build a new skatepark.

“My friends Cain and Courtnie joined me and we started a Facebook page, Wellingborough Skatepark Community, and a petition.”

The petition states: “The park is falling apart and its recent updates are not enough, there are wheel-sized holes in the floor and makeshift seats that are undoubtedly going to cause health problems in the near future.

“The young people of Wellingborough are coming together to get a new skatepark, the current skatepark is not safe enough or big enough for the amount of skaters, scooters, bladers and BMXers we have in our district.”

Kimberley and her friends organised an event in August to raise awareness of the campaign and more than 100 people turned up and signed the petition as well as taking part in various competitions.

Kimberley said: “We showed we weren’t just doing this for fun, it’s serious now and hard work.”

Christine Hill, from Wellingborough Council, and Carl McLaren, from community support charity Service Six, are helping the youngsters. Cllr Paul Bell, the leader of Wellingborough Council, said: “The dedication Kimberley is putting into her campaign for a new skatepark is admirable. She came to us as she was concerned about the current facility and whether it was fit for purpose.

“She’s set up a committee, organised events and consultations, and council officers are now working with her to put together bids for funding. I’ll be meeting Kimberley later this month to hear more about her plans and to see what support I can offer.”

Kimberley said: “Christine helps us with the finance and the bids and we are having a meeting at Service Six so people can come along and say what kind of skatepark they want.

“I’ve been going to other places like Adrenaline Alley to get ideas but the skatepark in Bassetts Park has got to have what the young people of Wellingborough want.”