Camera tips with Beck Photographic of Wellingborough

Try some firework photography.

One firework on its own never really makes a good image. Instead, put your camera on a support or tripod, and use a time exposure (This is usually the “B” setting on your camera.)

This will keep your shutter open for as long as you hold down the shutter release.

This will enable you get multiple bursts of fireworks on one image.

Please bear in mind that the longer you hold the shutter open, the more noise (random dots of colour) will appear in your image.

As a start, try these settings: Lens set to the widest viewpoint (depending how far you are from the display) iso set to 400, Aperture set to wide open (smallest F number) and use a time of 10 seconds.

Depending on the maximum aperture size of you lens, you may have to vary these suggested iso settings.

If anybody has any questions about any area of photography, Pete will be pleased to answer them for you, just email