Camera tips with Beck Photographic of Wellingborough

Try taking pictures of starry skies
Try taking pictures of starry skies

Stars at night – try this before the evenings get to light.

Wait for a clear evening and support your camera on a tripod or rest it on a bean bag-type cushion pointing towards the sky.

Try short exposures of 10 to 30 seconds, wide apertures, and high iso speeds to see things that are too dim for the human eye.

Any longer exposure than this and you risk your image being blurred slightly.

However, you can use this to great effect by experimenting with long exposures (try 30 mins to two hours) and low iso speeds and small apertures to see star trails caused by the rotation of the Earth.

You should find that everything rotates around the North star.

Results will depend on how much light pollution there is in your area.

Beck Photographic would love to see some of your images taken using their tips.

Please email them to

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