Calls for tighter controls on foreign registered vehicles in Northants

Adam Simmonds
Adam Simmonds

The county’s crime commissioner is calling on the Government to tighten controls on foreign registered vehicles.

Adam Simmonds has asked for support to enable the force to tackle the growing problem of illegal vehicles being used by criminals in Northamptonshire.

In a letter to Stephen Hammond MP, the Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Transport, Mr Simmonds has highlighted the concerns of a number of constituents regarding the challenges posed by the large number of foreign registered vehicles which openly flout the law in Britain.

Two weeks ago the driver of a foreign registered lorry was charged with dangerous driving and drink driving. He will be sentenced at Northampton Magistrates Court on August 30.

Mr Simmond’s letter says the issue of foreign-registered vehicles on county roads has been long recognised by Northamptonshire Police. The scale of the growing problem being faced by the county was highlighted by the fact that officers from Romania, Lithuania and Poland actively took part in a recent operation to tackle the number of illegal vehicles on our roads.

Mr Simmonds said: “A key aspect of my Police and Crime Plan is ensuring that our roads become a safer place for the communities that we serve.

“There is clearly a need for the Government to work with us to reduce risk and make our roads safer for all.

“I have asked the minister how the Government intends to address this problem, which may be exacerbated next year when Bulgarians and Romanians become eligible to work in the UK as EU citizens.

“I have invited him to Northamptonshire to see at first hand the problems we are facing, and how the Government can perhaps help us tackle more effectively the use of illegal foreign registered vehicles on our roads.”