Calls for run-down old hotel to be rejuvenated

Tudor gate hotel Finedon
Tudor gate hotel Finedon

Calls have been made for a Grade II listed former hotel which has become run-down and neglected to be brought back to its former glory.

The Tudor Gate Hotel in Finedon closed four or five years ago and since then it has had its windows smashed, has suffered flood damage and has become partially covered in ivy.

Cllr John Bailey, who represents Finedon on Wellingborough Council, called on the local authority to take action to save the building at a meeting last week.

He said the owners of the building were granted planning permission to restore and convert the building to be lived in in 2010, but soon after this was granted it was put up for sale, and no restoration or development had happened since.

Cllr Gordon Swann, chairman of Finedon Parish Council, said the matter had been repeatedly brought up at parish council meetings. He said: “Someone has got to do something with it. It’s in a hell of a state. We want it doing up. It just looks awful.”

Ann Reynolds, of Summerlee Road, Finedon, said: “I feel so sad about it, I used to love going there. I just think it’s a sorry state and it’s sad. I would like to see something done with it.”

Cllr Graham Lawman, chairman of Wellingborough Council’s development committee, said it was the borough council’s duty to protect the building.

He said the council had served a Repairs Notice on the hotel’s owners in May 2010 specifying works it considered necessary for its proper preservation.

Cllr Lawman said as it is now more than two months after the notice was served and the owners have failed to keep the building in reasonable repair, the council could begin compulsory purchase proceedings, but there was a lot involved and the council would have to consider the costs to the taxpayer and what to do with the building once the council had bought it.

He said: “In the majority of cases the formal serving of a notice has been sufficient to either prompt the owners to carry out repairs or sell the building.

“To this end, council officers met the owners of the Tudor Gate Hotel at the end of last year and again earlier this year, to discuss the development of the site, which was given planning permission in November of last year.

“We are optimistic that work will begin soon, but, alongside those negotiations, the council has also agreed to investigate the compulsory purchase process for this building in more detail and a report about it will go to the next available Resources Committee meeting.”

The Evening Telegraph tried to contact the owners of the hotel but were unable to reach them yesterday.