Calls for more government funding to keep Corby urgent care centre’s walk-in system

Beth Miller (front left) with Corby NHS workers and members of the public celebrating the recent 70th birthday of the NHS NNL-180308-162634005
Beth Miller (front left) with Corby NHS workers and members of the public celebrating the recent 70th birthday of the NHS NNL-180308-162634005

A leading local Labour figure has called on the government to invest more money into healthcare in Corby to help save the urgent care centre’s walk-in facility.

It was announced on Wednesday that a group of Corby campaigners had won their judicial review to force the Corby CCG to properly consult local people on the changes to the Cottingham Road centre.

Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Corby Beth Miller has now made fresh calls for the Conservative Government to invest more funding to support local health services.

“I must congratulate the campaigners who refused to accept the decision to downgrade this much-loved health service,” said Beth, who submitted her thoughts as part of the judicial review.

“After working with the Action Group, I submitted my testimonial which I felt was a fair and representative of the discussions I had with local people. I had already tried to relay this message to the CCG to see if an agreement could be reached. I believed, and still do believe that ultimately, we must retain some element of a walk-in facility in Corby.

“More appointments are needed but it shouldn’t come at the expense of our ability to access urgent care in this growing town or for residents in neighbouring areas who rely on the centre.

“One of my concerns has been that throughout this process that the CCG are between a rock and a hard place. They are under obligations to remain neutral so cannot speak up yet face significant financial constraints.

“It is now time that our Conservative MP Tom Pursglove and the Conservative government ensure there is adequate funding to meet our health needs. In Northamptonshire we are having to live with cut after cut after cut to vital services because of financial constraints and enough is enough.”

“I’ll continue to campaign to get Corby and East Northamptonshire the funding we need from this Conservative Government to ensure access to a first-class health service is available no matter where you live.

“In the meantime, I am so pleased local people will get a say on the future of our much-loved Urgent Care Centre. Again, a big ‘thank you’ to the Action Group.”

Member of the European Parliament Margot Parker, who has her office in Corby, said: ““Well done to the campaigners who fought tirelessly in their battle to keep the facilities at Corby Urgent Care Centre open.

“This is a vital asset to the community and the determination displayed by the campaigners is inspiring.

“The battle is not over but they have won an important victory in making sure the public is properly consulted on future plans for the centre.

“It shows what communities can achieve if they fight together – the Save Corby Urgent Care Centre group is an inspiration to all of us who believe in local democracy.”