Calls for common sense over dogs on leads row

Derek Lawson
Derek Lawson

The leader of Higham Ferrers town council has called for “common sense to prevail,” after dog walkers held a protest at Higham Ferrers Cricket club on Saturday.

Police were called to the incident on Saturday afternoon when dog walkers protested against a dogs on leads order during the club’s match, at Saffron Road Recreation Ground, in the town.

However a police spokesman confirmed that no arrests were made.

The dogs on lead order for the park was made by the town council.

Cllr Derek Lawson said: “I’m hoping now that common sense will prevail, and the dog walkers will realise that it is a legal order. Hopefully the situation can now be resolved.”

He added: “We need to make sure the dogs on leads order is imposed, and it is a legal order.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask people to keep their dogs on leads inside the park.”

Cllr Lawson added that the town council had spoken to the dog owners about the possibility of changing the dogs on leads order to a seasonal order, rather than a year-round order.

It was agreed that the possible change would be discussed, but it was agreed on the basis of there being no protests or disturbances at the cricket ground - which there now has been.

He said: “It culminated with several people, some with dogs and some without, protesting on the cricket pitch.”

A spokesman for the police said it was making plans to deal “efficiently” with any disturbances in the future, should there be further problems or disturbances at the ground.