Call to Corby to support climate change action

Unwanted clothing being sorted at Planet Aid UK's Corby warehouse
Unwanted clothing being sorted at Planet Aid UK's Corby warehouse

Residents, companies and organisations in Corby are being urged to support action against climate change and take part in a project to plant 500 trees.

On Thursday, September 26, Planet Aid UK, the Corby-based not-for-profit company is holding an event at the Cube as part of Humana People to People Day.

It is one of a number of events taking place in 17 European countries on the same day on the theme Our Climate, Our Challenge.

Starting at 11am in the council chamber, the Corby event will include a short documentary film highlighting the effects of climate change around the world, keynote speeches, a workshop by Green World Recycling and a number of displays.

Birgit Soe, managing director of Planet Aid UK, in Maylan Road, said: “As a follow-up to People to People Day we are planning to plant 500 trees on a piece of land in the Corby area, as a way of keeping climate change and its effects on the agenda locally.

“We hope as many people as possible will get involved in the campaign.”

Planet Aid UK was launched by Birgit in 1998 and moved from Roade to Corby in 2000.

It is a member of the international Humana People to People movement which runs more than 470 aid projects in 44 countries across the world.

Unwanted items are collected in 1,470 clothing banks around the UK and are sorted in the warehouse in Corby and another in Devon.

The clothes are sold to Planet Aid UK’s customers in Africa, Pakistan and Eastern Europe and shop-quality items go to charity stores run by the charity DAPP UK in Northampton and Warrington.

All profits go towards financing environmental, educational and farming projects in India and Africa.

Birgit, who gave up a teaching career in Denmark in 1979 to help set up Humana People to People, said: “Climate change is a huge issue and it is having the greatest impact on the poorest communities in the world.

“Through the Humana People to People Day and the tree-planting project, Corby will be doing its part to highlight the problems.”

If you would like more information please visit

If you would like to attend the event at the Cube please telephone 07970 312503 or email