Call for names in Cube inquiry saga

A CALL has been made for the names of councillors quizzed in the Corby Cube inquiry to be made public.

Elected members have been questioned as part of a report into an overspend of at least £10m on the town’s civic hub, but their identities are being kept secret.

The Conservative group at Corby Council says they should be named so they can be held to account.

They have now referred the case to the Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent body which has the power to compel councils to release information if it is in the public interest.

The Conservatives will be submitting a Freedom of Information request, asking for a full and unedited transcript of the inquiry interviews.

Conservative councillor Rob McKellar said: “I think the councillors, particularly the ones in office, are accountable to the people who voted for them and their opinions should be made public.

“For the time being we can live with the employees and consultants not having their names made public, but councillors are accountable.

“We don’t know at the moment, but we think councillors played a very big role in what went wrong and we smell a bit of a rat.”

Deputy council leader Mark Pengelly, who asked for the report to be commissioned, said: “We are taking advice from independent solicitors who have instructed us at this time the report should remain exempt.

“We have made the commitment to bring out a public report and this will be done in due course.”