Call for Corby wheelie bin charges to be dropped

Corby councillor Ron McKellar with wheelie bins
Corby councillor Ron McKellar with wheelie bins

A call has been made for residents’ charges for wheelie bin repairs and replacements to be dropped.

Conservatives on Corby Council say the current charges are unfair.

Residents who need to replace one of their three wheelie bins are asked to pay the discounted price of £21.50, which includes delivery.

If a bin needs a new lid, the council will replace and fit one for £9.20.

The charges will be debated at the next meeting of the council’s overview and scrutiny panel on Wednesday.

The Conservative group on the council estimate that if the authority dropped the charges it would cost in the region of £20,000 a year.

They propose that the additional cost could be raised by reducing councillors’ allowances by 20 per cent, which they claim would mean an annual saving of around £32,000.

A spokesman for the borough council said officers are already drawing up a report on wheelie bin replacement and repair charges and that it would be inappropriate to comment before Wednesday’s meeting.

Deputy Leader of the council’s Conservative group, Cllr Rob McKellar, said: “The current system is unfair.

“We regularly receive complaints from residents whose wheelie bins have been damaged when they are being emptied. They are then expected to pay for the repair or replacement themselves.

“Bin collection is one of the most basic local services and it is what people pay their council tax for.

“People are effectively being double-taxed on their wheelie bins. It is wrong and it should stop right away.”

Last year food waste collections were introduced in Corby bringing the total number of bins for most households up to four.

Leader of the Conservatives, Cllr David Sims, said, “With four bins per household, the council’s policy has the potential to cost local people a lot of money.”

Earlier this year the council introduced a £70 charge for wheelie bins at new properties in the borough.