Call for action as flooding closes roads in Corby

Torrential Rain  :Corby: Flooding on Gainsborough Road at the junction with Blake Road  ''Wednesday 21st November 2012
Torrential Rain :Corby: Flooding on Gainsborough Road at the junction with Blake Road ''Wednesday 21st November 2012

Residents are calling for action to protect their homes after two roads in Corby were flooded twice in less than a week.

Stretches of Gainsborough Road and Oakley Road were turned into lakes after hours of non-stop rain.

And families fear the areas will continue to flood every time there is a heavy downpour.

On Sunday a huge area between Oakley Road, near Lidl supermarket, and homes in Seaton Crescent was under water. Part of Gainsborough Road, at its junctions with Blake Road and Leighton Road, was also flooded and impassable.

The scenes were a repeat of those the previous Wednesday when heavy rainfall turned the park area between Bonnington Walk and Gainsborough Road into a lake.

Lorraine Scatterty, who lives in Seaton Crescent with her elderly mother, has written to the county council calling for some action.

In her letter she said: “My mother is elderly, as are a few of our neighbours, and this is an extremely distressing and worrying time. How on earth are we expected to protect our home?

“We have a right to expect the county council to provide some assistance and, in the long term, to take action to prevent this happening again.”

She is now considering launching a petition calling on the county council to take action to prevent further flooding and plans to contact Corby’s new MP Andy Sawford to ask for his backing.

Lorraine said: “Something needs to be done. I was told by someone at the county council that the flooding was the result of global warming. If that’s the case then we need to see something done now as our homes will be at risk every time there is heavy rain.

“Some of my neighbours are elderly and disabled and it’s frightening for them.”

Mark Dowell, 33, has piled up sandbags at the front door of his house in Gainsborough Road.

He said: “Since I bought the house in 2004 there have been several bad floods here but the recent ones have been the worst.

“I’ve just spent £4,500 paving my front garden, now it’s damaged.

“In 2007 flooding caused £7,500 damage to my property. I’ve made numerous phone calls to Corby Council and the county council but no-one is taking responsibility.

“People were climbing over the bonnets of my neighbours’ cars to get through the floods.

“We need action now.”