Cake-maker’s big weight loss pride

Jenny Prideaux (Photo: Stewart Williams)
Jenny Prideaux (Photo: Stewart Williams)

A self-employed cake-maker from Kettering has lost five and-a-half stone despite being surrounded by sweet treats all day long.

Jenny Prideaux, 46, was short-listed in the Cambridge Weight Plan slimmer of the year competition after her achievement.

Jenny said: “I have never been particularly slim but when I left my job to become a full time baker making wedding and celebration cakes the weight just piled on even more.”

While surrounded by cakes, icing and other baked goodies all day long, Jenny said she knew that if she didn’t do something now her weight problem would just get worse.

She joked: “I used to eat the cut-offs of the cakes but while I was on Cambridge Weight Plan I would throw them out to the birds. I’m sure I’ve noticed a few of them looking bigger lately.”

Since losing the weight Jenny said she has even found the confidence to meet up with friends she lost contact with.

She added: “I have to laugh when they ask how I lost the weight and when I tell them they reply ‘oh I couldn’t do that’.

“If I can in my profession, anyone can”.

Jenny runs her own business making a variety of cakes for all occasions