Ca-nine, nine, nine! Dog saves the day after blaze at Desborough house

Clare with Sky and daughter Jessica.
Clare with Sky and daughter Jessica.

A Desborough family escaped a house fire without serious injury - after their dog woke them from their sleep.

Clare Ellis was in her house in Burdock Way with partner Mark Cail and their eight-year-old daughter Jessica when the blaze started at 4am on Wednesday (April 19).

Some of the damage caused by the fire.

Some of the damage caused by the fire.

Her seven-year-old husky Sky came crashing into their bedroom, alerting them to the danger.

Clare, 49, said: “We were woken up when the dog came barging through the door.

“Normally she creeps up but she pushed the door so hard it swung back. Huskies don’t usually bark.

“I heard this almighty noise and then the smoke alarm kicked in.

“We think the front window blew in first and she ran upstairs.”

The house suffered bad smoke damage after the incident, which Clare says was the result of an electrical fire.

Mark went back inside to rescue Sky and had to be given oxygen.

She added: “Sky was so petrified that she was trapped and Mark went back in to get her, which he probably shouldn’t have done.

“The fire brigade said that had the dog not opened a door the fire could have spread to the back of the house.

“It could have been a lot worse had it not been for Sky.

“We’re grateful for everybody’s help, our neighbours have been brilliant.”

Clare’s two budgies were also rescued from the fire and had to be cleaned.