Butcher’s to expand with fruit and veg shop

BUTCHERS will open a new fruit and vegetable shop next month to satisfy increasing demand from its customers.

Palmers Quality Butchers, in Gold Street, Kettering, has been trading for about 20 years and will extend into the former Kettering Centre for the Unemployed building next door.

Palmers has been selling fruit and vegetables from its current base but wants more room for other produce including milk and pasta.

Manager Jamie Cooper, 26, said: “This is a small shop in Kettering but every year I’ve been trying to boost the trade.

“I started off doing some potatoes, carrots and cauliflowers on a shelf outside but it kept getting bigger and bigger and customers were demanding more and more.

“We’re doing this because of public demand but we can’t cope in this small shop, there’s not enough room.”

Mr Cooper, who runs the butcher’s with joint manager David Hopkins, was first employed as a Saturday boy when he was just 14-years-old.

His new venture will be called Palmers Fruit and Veg.

The building was bought after KCU moved to new premises.

Mr Cooper added: “We have another shop in Bletchley, near Milton Keynes.

“It’s a big one and they’ve done a fruit and veg shop there, too.

“They started off as a small butcher and built a shop next door – it’s done very well and has been open for years.

“We’re doing the new place up now and we hope it will open on June 1.

“The planning process has taken about six months. We had to get plans drawn up and approved and it took a long time but we’ve got there in the end.

“In a couple of weeks’ time it will look like a proper shop.”

New tiles and walls and floor have already been installed and a new ceiling will be put up on Tuesday.

There will be a hole created between the two buildings to allow staff to move freely between them.

Mr Cooper said: “People will be able to get a lot for their money.

“We will also be selling milk, pasta, fish and every day things that our customers have been asking for.”