Yacht builder manufactures a brighter future

Launch of new manufacturing facility at Fairline Boats, Corby
Launch of new manufacturing facility at Fairline Boats, Corby

A luxury boat manufacturer has opened its renovated manufacturing facility and new centre of excellence for moulding and furniture production.

Fairline Boats, which has bases in Corby and Oundle and makes motor yachts, has recently completed a change in its manufacturing processes, moving from eight single model lines to three mixed model lines, which it says will help it achieve sustained growth in the future.

Chief executive officer Alistair Schofield said: “The business has moved forward significantly over the last year. We have invested in our manufacturing facilities to create more flexibility in our production system, including the creation of a dedicated centre for excellence for furniture production.

“We recognise that investment in technology will improve our efficiencies, but throughout the development of this programme we have also remained relentlessly focused on the importance of retaining the high quality standards that Fairline is renowned for and ensuring that this change has a positive impact on the already very high build quality of the boats we produce.

“We are delighted with the results of the programme and the benefits this will offer us, our dealer network and our customers for our 2013 model year.”

The three new 48-ft models will all be made using the new manufacturing facilities, with the first model, the Targa 48 Open, being available later this year.

Fairline Boats released its annual results on Monday which showed it returned to profitability in 2012 following three years of losses.