Town needs more top-quality shops

Shoppers June Gibson, Ria Cox and Maggie Webb
Shoppers June Gibson, Ria Cox and Maggie Webb

SHOPPERS in Wellingborough want more high-quality stores and more shops for men.

Throughout this week the Evening Telegraph has reported on what town businesses, traders and council officials say is needed to regenerate the town.

We also asked a range of shoppers in the town yesterday what they think is needed to boost the town.

Heather Dalton, 22, of Well-ingborough, said: “There’s not a lot of shops for men in Wellingborough, it’s all women’s shops. I also think we need more big-name stores.”

Lynn Thompson, 50, of Gleneagles, Wellingborough, said: “The town definitely needs more men’s shops. We need less phone shops, less estate agents and less card shops. There needs to be more variety for men and women of all ages.”

Ria Cox, of Stanwick, said: “My teenage daughters always find that there’s enough shops for them in Wellingborough.

“I think the town could do with a department store or a Marks & Spencer.”

Maggie Webb, also of Stanwick, added: “I think Wellingborough could do with more high-quality stores, like a Debenhams.”

Pratik Parekh, of Gainsborough Drive, Wellingborough, said: “There’s lots of ladies shops but there’s hardly any men’s – there was Burton, which has closed, but there’s nothing in the shopping centre. We have to go to Riverside if we want some nice clothes.”

Jack Edwards, of Alexandra Road, Wellingborough, said: “Wellingborough has got some positives, it’s got free parking. I would like to see some more fun things like events.”