Social media can hold the key for jobseekers

James Taylor, director at East Midlands recruitment firm Macildowie
James Taylor, director at East Midlands recruitment firm Macildowie

Today’s job market is one of the most competitive in recent history.

Here James Taylor, director at East Midlands recruitment firm Macildowie, explains how social media should be utilised by candidates to enhance their chances of finding employment.

First things first, jobseekers have to invest the time and effort to create a CV that sells to potential employers.

A CV is a sales pitch, which should have relevant experience tailored to the specification of the job being applied for.

While the CV is still the industry standard format for presenting credentials, this method should sit alongside, and be enhanced by, social media tools such as Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.

By uploading relevant information across social media platforms, users can start to build a strong online brand.

A consistent message and sales pitch, available for potential employers to see, will put candidates in a stronger position compared to just possessing a CV.

As well as working alongside a CV to sell an individual, social media websites can be used as a proactive jobseeking tool.

Linked-In can be used to indentify potential employers before they are even looking for a position to be filled.

Having previous connections and relationships with people can count for a lot when applying for a job.

Just as employers use social media to look in further detail at applicants, individuals themselves can carry out background research into employers.

I would always recommend using social media to research a company or interviewer before a job interview.

Being able to find out if you have previous employers, contacts, qualifications or skills in common with the person interviewing you can be useful for building a relationship during an interview.

Social media tools may be free of charge to use, but to take full advantage of the services and benefits they offer, there is a time commitment required.

Anybody currently looking for employment should seriously consider working on their online brand.

Making themselves as visible as possible to potential employers, in conjunction with a well-written CV, can make all the difference in landing your dream job.