Seeking out the Star Candidates

James Taylor
James Taylor

Recruitment has changed a great deal in the past few years.

As the economy takes a turn for the better, competition for available positions has become incredibly fierce.

Here James Taylor, director at recruitment firm Macildowie, explains how there has been a shift in the attitude of business owners and HR professionals and how many are demanding more from the technology available to help them to find the best candidates in the market.

“The past few years have been tough on British businesses of all sizes, but recently we are witnessing companies emerging from the recession and actively looking to hire again.

In short, confidence is creeping back into the economy and forward thinking business are looking to upskill their workforce accordingly, for many that means recruiting new people into the business.

These appointments, off the back of a recession, can be big decisions especially for smaller businesses.

This makes it vitally important that the best person is hired for the job, as the cost of a bad hiring decision is way bigger than just a salary.

Many companies are now turning towards technology to help make these decisions.

The increased use of digital services such as Linked-In means individuals are able to have a presence in the ‘headhunt ether’.

This means potential employers and recruiters are able to easily contact potential candidates who look relevant for their organisation.

In short, talent pools are becoming more fluid than ever.

We have a system on our website that allows passive candidates to provide the details of their ‘dream job’.

These individuals aren’t actively seeking work, but the technology means that if we register a new vacancy that matches their criteria, we’re able to let them know immediately that there’s an exciting opportunity for them to pursue.

The other new technology we’ve developed on our website is the ‘Star Candidate’ alert.

This is aimed at companies keen to hear about exceptional talent, or niche candidates as and when they register.

This saves the employer time and therefore money as recruitment processes can be quite lengthy.

By notifying us of their Star Candidate criteria we are able to be pro-active on their behalf and notify them when there is a tight match with both hard and soft skills.

This pro-active method of recruitment works because, more often than not, the best candidates are not always looking for a new job.

The odds of a company having an available position overlapping with the perfect candidate seeking a new job, are very low.

The Star Candidate facility allows the recruitment process to ‘tick over in the background’ until the right person becomes available.

While these new advancements in technology can make the recruitment process more efficient, it is important to remember that they can only be effectively implemented with an experienced recruitment agency as a base.

The Star Candidate alert works for us because our team has such a diverse and far-reaching personal network.

Relationships with real people are at the core of our business, these new tools are in place to enhance our offering.

Another development we’ve noticed is how the search for new employees is becoming more targeted.

We have seen a more pro-active effort by business owners to hire individuals that not only possess the necessary experience and qualifications, but also have the mentality and personality to fit in with the culture of the company.

Many call this ‘leadership potential’.

The people who work in a business are the ones that represent and project the culture and values to clients, customers and the outside world.

Ensuring new recruits are the right fit will keep the employer branding consistent, strengthening the business further still.

These extra requests are big challenges in finding the right individual for a job, as the field of potential candidates is small.

Locating that perfect person with the necessary academic results, work experience and also the right attitude and personality, can be a lengthy process, again lending the situation to utilising technology in order to automate the process.

Recruiting new staff following a recession is a major decision that can impact heavily on a business if the wrong appointment is made.

Taking advantage of new technology and recruitment methods, will give businesses every possible chance of finding the individual that is right for them in fit, experience and attitude.