Seasonal job market a good barometer

Arran Jaiswal
Arran Jaiswal

The Christmas temporary job market can be looked at as a barometer for the job market as a whole.

Here Arran Jaiswal, head of temporary recruitment at East Midlands recruitment agency Macildowie, explains how it’s looking good for people across the East Midlands who are after some extra cash over the festive period.

“The health of the permanent job market and economy as a whole is intrinsically linked to the number of temporary positions available.

We have recently seen a rise in the number of businesses in the East Midlands which are recruiting temporary members of staff to cover periods of time to assist with important project work or to cover sickness or maternity leave.

During the tighter times for the economy, it was common practise for employers to simply increase the workload of other members of staff.

Now businesses have more confidence in their budgets and are willing to invest in personnel, so as not to disrupt the output and efficiency of their permanent team.

Over the past 12 months, right across the East Midlands, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of temporary vacancies being recruited for which then turn into a permanent position.

Many companies treat the process of hiring temporary staff as an extended recruitment process.

It gives employers the opportunity to see first-hand how new recruits cope with the job and integrate into the existing team.

In this instance, an increase in the number of temporary positions would signal that there was a rise in the amount of permanent positions available.

This in itself is a key indicator of a healthy job market.

Temporary positions are also great for students returning home for the Christmas break.

Being able to work for four weeks in a full-time position will not only help to fund studies, but also provide valuable real-life work experience that will help bulk up an individuals CV once they have graduated.

This is now even more important than ever, with competition for graduate jobs becoming increasingly fierce.

Having such a healthy temporary job market this Christmas backs up the feeling at Macildowie that things are looking up for our region’s economy.

Businesses have more confidence in their markets and are willing to invest money into personnel in order to maximise this opportunity.

People searching for work at the moment should look at temporary positions as a chance to prove themselves and secure a permanent role in the New Year, giving individuals a foot in the door into the growing job market.”