Sales and marketing can turn the tide for businesses

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After weathering the storm of recession by keeping a close eye on costs, many companies are once again looking to invest in talent acquisition in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Here James Taylor, director at Midlands recruitment firm Macildowie, explains how their new Sales and Marketing division will help boost the local economy.

We opened our Sales and Marketing Division at the tail end of 2012 to meet the demands of an ever-buoyant market. Increased investment in Sales and Marketing departments is a sign of an economy beginning to stretch its legs. As businesses plan for growth after a period of consolidation, finding and selling to new customers is of the upmost importance.

Across the East Midlands, companies have started investing in personnel to fill positions that sell their products or services. Sales and marketing professionals are in higher demand than at any point in the last five years. Acting early to stay ahead of the curve will place businesses in the strongest possible position as the country creeps out of recession.

Investing in the marketing of a company is a vital aspect of any business plan, even more so in the midst of a challenging economic climate. Most of your competitors will have cut back in this space, meaning that taking the decision to spend money on marketing will put you ahead of the curve. With fewer companies putting advertising messages out to potential customers, it can put you in a commanding position to sell your business services.

During a recession, consumers can become cautious of spending money. If people are in a cost-saving mindset, they may not seek out opportunities to purchase. A business that has a dynamic and proactive sales and marketing department will be able to put its products and services in front of potential customers, even if they are not actively seeking opportunities.

At Macildowie we are following our own advice. We recently re-designed our website to market the state-of-the-art, intelligent recruitment system we have in place to match the best candidates to the positions available. Ensuring that the target audience is well informed of the services on offer is a vital aspect of any business growth strategy.

The new Sales and Marketing Division at Macildowie will specialise in placing the best, and most qualified professionals, into the growing number of sales and marketing roles across Northamptonshire. It will sit alongside our existing areas of expertise, which includes recruitment in Finance, Human Resources, Procurement and Supply Chain.

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