PICTURE GALLERY: New Rushden Lidl opening today is first of its kind in the UK

The new Lidl store in Newton Road, Rushden, opens today
The new Lidl store in Newton Road, Rushden, opens today

Customers will be able to see the first of the new-look Lidl stores when its new Rushden branch opens at 8am today (Thursday).

The store in Newton Road, Rushden, is the first of Lidl UK’s new concept store, which the supermarket chain has named Lidl of the Future (LOF).

Our Rushden store represents just the beginning of the future for Lidl

Ingo Fischer

Lidl, which opened its first stores in Britain in 1994, says it has overhauled its store design to create a style that brings the retailer further in line with the expectations of the British consumer.

The state-of-the-art, glass fronted design, opening in Rushden at 8am today, is the first of its kind to open in Great Britain and forms a key part of Lidl’s expansion programme, which will see all future planning applications for Lidl stores designed in the same way.

The launch coincides with the supermarket announcing a new expansion investement of more than £1.5billion across the next three years.

Lidl UK’s board director of property and expansion, Ingo Fischer, said: “We are extremely excited about our brand new concept store, which represents the future of Lidl UK.

“This is yet another milestone for us in providing the infrastructure needed to manage our increasing market share and the expectations of our growing and incredibly valued customer base who have, quite rightfully, come to expect the very best of us.

“Along with its cutting edge design, our Lidl of the Future concept will also go a step further to streamline processes and maximise efficiency.

“This forms a key part of our business model, which enables us to keep prices low and the quality of our products high.

“We’re always humbled by the sheer volume of people that contact us asking for a Lidl to open in their town or city.

“Our Rushden store represents just the beginning of the future for Lidl, and we will continue to invest in our expansion programme to ensure that everyone across the country one day has a Lidl store near them.”

Bosses say customers and Lidl employees are at the heart of the new design, which boasts a new architectural structure and spacious layout, offering an enhanced shopping experience and improved welfare facilities.

Wider aisles, longer tills, restroom and baby changing facilities all cater towards Lidl’s growing customer base.

They say bigger warehouse and innovative lean orientated design with high spec operational facilities maximise efficiency and streamline processes.

The new concept Lidl store also uses the latest energy efficient technologies to reduce its impact on the environment.

The building reduces the CO2 emission rate by more than 20 per cent when compared with a building of the same type, size and use.

The fully glass fronted façade maximises natural daylight entering the building, while sensor controlled exterior sun blinds automatically operate to mitigate the effects of unwanted heat from solar gain.

The electrical lighting system is made up of LED fittings which, compared with a traditional lighting system, are more than 50 per cnet more energy efficient while still providing excellent levels of lighting to meet the needs of customers choosing their products.

This latest announcement follows plans revealed by Lidl earlier in the year to open 281 stores within London alone.