Parts to freeze out the need for repairs

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AFTER establishing itself as a trusted company in the world of commercial refrigeration maintenance, the people behind Arolite have taken the logical next step and started to supply appliances they have designed.

Arolite, whose head office is based in Wellingborough, prides itself on monitoring a client’s equipment and diagnosing faults before they develop to a stage when a call-out is needed, helping a business to continue trading and cutting costs.

It mainly trades with customers who have multiple sites including leading bingo and casino chains, restaurants and hotels as well as prestigious one-off sites.

Its reputation is such that some of its clients trust them to manage their equipment budget, relying on their expertise to monitor appliances, phasing them out when necessary and advising on suitable replacements.

Having built up a huge bank of experience and technical know-how Arolite decided to start supplying refrigeration appliances – but only ones that meet its exacting standards. A European manufacturer was found who was willing to work with it and make an appliance that incorporated all its modifications with the obvious faults engineered out.

The company is now ready to launch its Axis-branded products nationally.

Arolite’s business development manager Kelvin Manners said: “We had to find a manufacturer with the right approach and attitude. One who was serious about making an appliance to our specifications and who was serious about committing to the UK market, which is different to elsewhere.

“Axis products will not be the cheapest on the market but they will be competitively priced and will offer outstanding value for money because of their reliability. That is the key element.

“They are aimed at the hospitality market and we tell chefs our principles are the same as theirs; they source the best ingredients to make the best possible dish, we have done the same. Axis products represent affordable quality.”

Arolite, which employs 13 people in Wollaston, Wellingborough and Kettering, spent more than a year evaluating the equipment before launching Axis. The appliances are made to withstand higher ambient temperatures and humidity than is usual in the UK, which makes them more energy efficient and they are made of high-quality stainless steel that does not corrode.

“This is a well thought-through programme,” said Mr Manners. “We have proved to ourselves that the products work and we have kept down costs by taking links out of the chain by dealing direct with the factory.”

He added: “The ethos behind Axis is the same as that behind Arolite.

“We are a family-run company and believe in family values. I hate acronyms but FAIR sums us up perfectly – friendly, approachable, informative and reasonable.”