Our Sophie just wants someone to take her out!

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Sophie Williams from Oundle joined 29 other girls to look for a date on the new series of ITV show Take Me Out.

The 20-year-old business student was one of 30 girls picked from 12,000 to occupy a podium on the show.

On the programme single men come down the iconic love lift and their potential dates are instructed to turn off their light if they’re not interested – or as host Paddy McGuinness says, “no likey, no lighty”.

At the end of the round the male contestant gets to turn off the lights of all but two girls and then picks one to take out on a date.

Sophie said she decided to apply to take part on a whim.

She said: “I absolutely loved the show last year and thought at the finishing credits ‘why not apply?’.

“I didn’t think anything of it and then I got called to an audition in London last summer.

“I went and they auditioned 12,000 girls and then they rang me back in September time to say I had been shortlisted. Then a few weeks later they rang to say I was on the show in the opening 3’.”

Sophie said she had loved her time filming the programme.

She said: “It was really fun, I definitely enjoyed it.

“Paddy is so funny, he’s a genuinely nice, funny guy. During the dress rehearsals he made the effort to go round and talk to everyone.

“It was so much fun, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The girls were fabulous, all the girls on the show were so friendly.

“The over-riding memory is the girl power – everyone gets really upset when somebody leaves. You are there for such a short space of time but you get this family atmosphere. I made so many friends, a few who I believe will be my friends for life.”

Sophie watched the first show of the series on Saturday with her student housemates in Hull.

But viewers will have to keep watching to see if Sophie will win a date and be whisked off to the Isle of Fernandos.