Nothing Commonn about new venture

Chris Vandrill
Chris Vandrill

This week sees the start of enhanced business coverage in the Northamptonshire Telegraph and its sister paper The Chronicle & Echo.

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Despite the economic gloom there is still much to celebrate in Northamptonshire, take the example of Mark Higgs, the owner of award-winning independent store Commonn in Northampton.

Mark has teamed up with Chris Vandrill, a successful fashion designer who trained at Northampton University and went on to complete his studies at St Martins London, to launch Mr.NN, a small leather goods brand that makes handcrafted belts and accessories.

Both Chris and Mark are passionate about making quality goods locally and will never make anything outside of Great Britain.

Inspired by Northamptonshire’s industrial heritage, Mr.NN includes premium leather belts that incorporate the traditions and classic designs of footwear detailing, and feature the maroon colour which is traditionally associated with Northamptonshire.

Chris said: “Currently we have three belt ranges, denim, tailored and a hand-plaited woven belt, with a variety of colours. The products are aimed at our interpretation of today’s gentlemen, which could mean an family man who cycles to work in a pair of selvedge jeans and Dr Martens, a professional who wears a suit and commutes to the city everyday or a young guy in his early 20s into media, fashion and when the latest sneakers are being released. All who appreciate quality handmade goods made in Great Britain. This is only a starting point for us, this is a platform for other

luxury leather goods all sourced and made as close to Northamptonshire as possible.”

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