No need to panic despite fuel fears

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Drivers at county fuel pumps have started filling their tanks to the brim after nearby petrol stations began rationing fuel.

Jet garages in nearby Rutland put a £40 limit on fuel purchases after they were hit with double supply issues yesterday.

More than 80 tanker drivers at Lincoln’s ConocoPhillips oil refinery that supplies Jet stations went on strike over plans to cut pay.

There were also fears pumps would run dry after the PetroPlus refinery in Essex was shut when it went into administration.

Queues formed at pumps across the south east and motorists in our county said they were filling up after hearing the news.

Daniel Gorman of Windsor Drive, Thrapston, said: “I’ve just put £60 of unleaded in.

“At this time of the month I don’t have much cash but didn’t think it was worth the risk.”

Maria Clough, 45, who lives on the Brambleside estate, Kettering, said: “I’ve filled up both my cars this morning after hearing about the problems on the news.

“I have three children and need to have petrol to get them to school.”

The Jet Garage in North Street, Uppingham, displayed signs warning drivers they were limited to £40 of fuel and staff there said there were worries they would run out.

But the Jet Garage in Rockingham Road, Corby, receives its fuel from an unaffected refinery.

Bill Simpson, manager of the Chrysler Shell Garage in Bayes Street, Kettering, said limiting the amount of fuel could encourage panic buying. He said: “We’ve not had any here thankfully and we don’t have worries over supply.”

Unite Union last night gave Wincanton notice of more action.

Matt Draper, Unite national officer, said: “The strike is solid and will re-start on February 2 and end on February 9 unless a resolution can be reached. It won’t be long before the action hits fuel supplies at Jet forecourts.”