New Rushden chippie proud of its green credentials

Mr Smithers also owns the Red Cafe in Higham Ferrers
Mr Smithers also owns the Red Cafe in Higham Ferrers

The owner of a new cafe in Rushden has put being green at the heart of the business.

Jason Smithers recently opened a traditional chippie, Red Cafe Fish ‘n’ Chips, in Higham Road, and encourages customers to try sustainable fish, as well as packing the meals in biodegradable boxes.

Mr Smithers said: “We have taken the view to do only traditional fish and chips, mainly because there are so many other places in the area which do everything – fish, chips, kebabs, burgers and pizza from one location.

“Our goal is to offer just traditional fish and chips fare like pukka pies and sausages, so customers only get the best.

We have also championed some old favourites, and more sustainable fish stocks like rock salmon, aka dog fish, plaice, cod roe, which the other chippies tend to avoid due to cost.

“We have also looked into our green credentials. Our fish range, which is the equipment used to cook everything, uses the latest in computer technology to ensure the best results in cooking, and making a massive saving on gas usage, thus reducing our carbon footprint dramatically, over using a cheaper, less efficient range.

“All the packaging for the food was also looked at closely and we only use bio boxes for our fish and chips, which are made from the bi-product of the sugar industry.

“They are constructed of used sugar cane; after it’s been refined it is moulded and shaped into boxes, and biodegrades within seven days of going into the ground. We encourage our customers to place them into their own compost bins if they have one.”

Mr Smithers also owns the Red Cafe in Higham Ferrers and he added: “We have kept the same look and feel with company branding to build on the good brand recognition we enjoy locally.”

Both cafes have been awarded five stars for their food hygiene standards by East Northamptonshire Council’s environmental health department.

Mr Smithers said: “The importance of proper food safety is always paramount at Red Cafes and it has now been recognised for demonstrating a robust food safety and management system.”

He added: “We are delighted to receive five stars in the food hygiene rating.

“We pride ourselves on achieving the highest quality in all we do, and as a local food provider we offer the highest standards of food safety management and are fully compliant with food safety legislation.

“Receiving the highest possible rating has been a great boost to our dedicated staff and it shows that we’ve been providing quality food and service to the public at our locations in Higham Ferrers and Rushden, which both have the five stars.”

Officials visit premises unannounced to assess how hygienically food is handled, how food is managed and recorded and also on the condition and structure of the kitchen before awarding the star rating.