Mixed response to budget statement

The Chancellor George Osborne hailed his latest budget as one for an “aspiration nation” but business leaders gave it a mixed reception.

Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership chief executive Rob Purdie, said: “We wanted to see a budget that would give greater confidence and certainty to the business community and broadly I think that’s what we got.

“For Northamptonshire, what is most significant is the acceptance of almost all of the Heseltine Report.

“If these recommendations are realised at a local level, to the extent recommended, then we will be able to achieve large amounts in terms of supporting local business growth.”

RICS chief economist Simon Rubinsohncalled the budget “lacklustre”.

He said: “The budget will do little to deliver much for the economy in the near term.

“It’s time the Government listened to what voters and business desperately need in order to make a real impact at grass roots level.”