How customers buy in the B2B world

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Sales and marketing consultant Terry Forsey on how to convert inactive customers to active ones.

We all spend a lot of time searching for prospective customers who are looking for our products or services, but do we ever stop to think about the transition from being a non-buyer to being a happy customer?

Buying is as much a process as any other business activity.

Prospective customers don’t suddenly become active buyers, it’s a gradual process.

If you can engage a buyer early in that process you stand much more chance of winning them as a customer.

All smaller businesses operating in the B2B environment will see significant sales improvements if they consider the Buying Cycle methodology I am about to describe below.

It will have a serious impact on future business success.

The Buying Cycle

The buying cycle is a process that determines the way your business interacts with your potential customers.

We do this by putting the customer and their approach to buying at the centre of our selling process.

Today more than 70 per cent of website visitors are longer-term potential so our challenge is to understand how best to convert these inactive buyers into active buyers who is happy to make a purchase when they are ready.

Once we understand this process we can start to adopt new techniques to enhance our position and increase our chances of converting potential buyers into customers.

If you can effectively engage with inactive buyers they are THREE TIMES more likely to become your customers.

Our aim is to adopt the techniques of arousing curiosity and educating to capture potential customers as early in their buying cycle as possible and seek to engage with them by delivering high value communication and nurture their interest, building a long-term relationship.

With the growth of social media, the rise in online activity, the expansion of high quality websites and rise of mobile devices the potential to reach your target customers is vast.

All businesses should be aiming to make high value contact with potential customers many times throughout the buying cycle. Make sure you are at the forefront of people’s minds through a continual drip-feed of your marketing activities.

This will help to convert inactive customers to active customers and watch your revenues grow.

Terry Forsey runs a successful niche sales and marketing consultancy, working with smaller software businesses.

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