Coffee shop spells out meaning of missing ‘t’

Richard Wagg and Matt Fountain celebrate Bewiched's first birthday last year
Richard Wagg and Matt Fountain celebrate Bewiched's first birthday last year

THE owner of a cafe has defended the spelling of its name which is proving to be controversial.

Matt Fountain, who runs the Bewiched coffee shop in Church Street, Wellingborough, told the Evening Telegraph there is a perfectly good explanation for the missing ‘t’.

Readers have voiced their opinions on our letters page recently, claiming the shop’s name should be spelt ‘Bewitched’.

Mr Fountain said: “I thought I would respond to a couple of readers letters I had spotted in Your Say.

“We have had many people – hundreds – tell us we have spelt our name incorrectly.

“There are no spells or witchcraft needed to solve this riddle. So to put everyone’s minds at rest, the ‘wich’ is to reference the fantastic sandwiches we serve on fresh baked bread – it really is that simple.

“The fact that Google will automatically search for ‘bewitched’ coffee house has given me the biggest headache and many people struggle to find us online as a result.

“Other than that we love our name, but fully understand the confusion it causes. I hope we have put many minds at rest.”

Several residents have also complained about the extension fitted to the coffee shop about 18 months ago, concerned that it does not fit in with other buildings in the area.

Charles Liley, of Whytewell Road, Wellingborough, had his letter published in Your Say earlier this month.

He wrote: “Wellingborough Council’s planning committee must surely have been bewitched to have let this one through the net.”

Peter Murphy, of Haddon Close, Wellingborough, wrote: “I have a disinterested stance on the architectural merits, or otherwise, of the Bewiched Cafe in Wellingborough, though if pressed I might say “not in character”, but equally “reasonably sympathetic”, to the main building.

“What does puzzle me is the absence of the letter ‘t’ in the signage Bewiched.”

Simon Harker, of Gold Street, Podington, wrote: “Being a pedant like Mr Murphy, I have to agree with him in finding the missing ‘t’ in Bewiched very irritating.”

Mr Fountain said the extension was a matter of opinion, adding: “I genuinely believe it is a Marmite issue, you either love it or hate it.”